The only other people you need to know…

The only other people you need to know...

Are my friends. They live all over but I love these girls, they have been there for me when I needed them and I hope I have been there for them.
Laura (Law)- my oldest friend, I’ve known her since she was born. Her mum & my mum are friends my brother & her brother are friends etc. She cracks me up with her take on life, she is the most honest person ever. She cuts & colours my hair & we discuss everything in those 2-3 hours. She will always be my friend. (Virgo).

Becky (Twinny): I’ve known her since I was 16, we worked together at the Tunbridge Wells branch of River Island (where we were nicknamed twins, as we literally looked identical). We like the same things, & used to buy the same accessories or shoes without knowing the other one had brought them to. It still to this day is an on going occurrence. She came and stayed with me for 6 weeks when I lived in LA, I can be totally honest with her & she listens to all my crap. I will love her forever.:D (Scorpio).

Mani: My first real friend when I moved to LA. We have been on a massive journey together & she really is my soul sister. I would literally do anything for this girl, I think we knew each other in another life. She is my go to girl for all things Universe related, a friend I met through a set of consciences (even more reason why I love her) and she is a friend,I know, will be there when I need her for the rest of my life. ❤ her, here for her always. (Virgo).

Heather: My LA girl. We are the same person! Over analytical, worry about the same things, seem to go through the same dramas at the same time, we both date the wrong guys. She is so much fun, I always laugh a ridiculous amount when I am with Heather.She shares my love for sushi, coffee & any drink that sparkles (especially Prosecco). I have a lot of time for this girl. I adore her! 😀 (Leo)

Ashley: She's my country gal! Texan born, we met in LA, & alongside Mani & I, she completed our LA Tripod! I have so much respect for this girl, she is whirlwind of fun, so many of my good LA memories involve her & although she is in Dallas these days being her stylish self, I will always be there for her whenever she needs me. (Cancer)

Natalie: We met when her friend was buying the furniture I wasn't going to ship back to the UK when I was leaving LA. (Random I know). We then ended up going to the Hollywood Bowl to see John Mayer together and have been friends ever since. She is British and whenever I am in LA or if she is in London we always make sure we catch up! It's so easy to talk to Nat's, I love it when we hang out and catch up on all the latest dramas of both our soap opera style lives. (Virgo).

Oh & I have to mention Nikki–I haven't known her long, but she is Jenni (my brother's girlfriend's) sister. I LOVE HER! She nicknamed me her 3rd sister, which I thought was so sweet/kind. She is so much fun, along with Jenni made my birthday drinks so much fun, and I would trust her with anything. Love her! (Virgo).

Oh & I am going to add, althoughI think it was clear in my earlier post, how much I love Jenni- my brothers girlfriend- we are really close. I adore her! Just the kindest person ever, alway includes me in social stuff that is happening locally and well so grateful and blessed that she loves my brother. So much time for her! 😀

Wow I have a lot of Virgo besties?!? Hadn't realised that until now! ha! Awesome!

Right, well, I can safely say you know all there is to know about the people in my life, who I love and respect…let's get blogging!


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