When your luck is running out….



Ok so yes, I love this girl! Laura Bell Bundy- she is awesome and I swear my shuffle angel…

What I mean by that is ipod was on shuffle and I was having a moment, had another knock back, was feeling totally overwhelmed and a little lost on what to do next,  and what song comes on…Everbody, Laura Bell Bundy. It’s such an upbeat song, I couldn’t help but instantly feel better. If I am totally honest- and this blog is supposed to be that- I jumped up from my desk and danced around the apartment singing along! (Yep-I’m the coolest blonde you’ve ever seen) 🙂

When your luck is running out and the rain is pouring down,

And there’s another cloud sneakin’ up behind you

When hopeless feels like home, you think you’re all alone 

And all you know is that you just don’t know what to do. 

Doesn’t really matter, who you are

Doesn’t really matter, what you do

Doesn’t really matter, where you’re from

Everybody needs somebody……….

If you’re dealin’ with a broken heart and your dreams just fell apart

You can count on me. 




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