I’m Back & Blogging…


Sorry for the the lapse in blogging. I am fully aware it has been almost an AGE since I last posted, but my lovely followers, I have been away & then frantically busy with work. Please forgive me.
Yes I have been sunning myself in Portugal with my amazing family (and new additions). No, don’t worry no one has given birth or stolen a child, but my Dad has a new ‘friend’ and it was her official introduction to everyone. She’s awesome, great for my dad and all is well.
What did I do on this vacation?
Mostly, sleep, drink, eat, read, lay in the sun, swim and try & take arty/cool photos and post them on instragram. So if you do go to my blog regularly (which I am not sure many do) you would have seen some pics on my instragram feed.

I had the best time with my dad living so far away and the rest of us having such busy lives it was amazing to get the time to enjoy each others company. I feel very blessed. I had a lot of fun. Sadly it all feels like a lifetime ago now-always the way I think.
Highlights of the trip

Books I read:

I re read The Great Gatsby– I had been trying to read it since the film came out but I would pick it up in bed, get through a couple of pages and then fail asleep. I love this book, really is in my top 50.
I then moved on to The Postmistress, by Sarah Blake- I love books set in the 2nd World War, and this story was great because it had an American focus and I enjoyed seeing it from that point of view. I’m not going to lie a lot of people die in it & I cried a couple of times, but also gripped the pages to death with suspense at other times. Great read.
I ended the holiday reading ‘Revenge wears Prada’ the sequel to ‘Devil wears Prada’. Having only seen the motion picture of ‘Devil wears Prada’, I quickly realised that the book must have ended slightly different to the film, but I actually loved this book, really easy to read & although I wish Andy & Max had work things out, there was never a dull moment. 

Other highlights were: 

I created a new drink. In Portugal most restaurants don’t have Cranberry Juice, which is frustrating because my go to refreshing alcoholic drink is a Vodka & Cranberry. I don’t like Orange Juice because it upsets my stomach & I’m not a huge fan of tonic or soda (the bubbles make me burp). What restaurants in Portugal do have a lot of is Iced Tea & Sumol. Well my friends, add some Mango or Lemon Iced Tea to your vodka & you will LOVE it. It’s dangerously good, & resolved a minor problem when I was deciding on my drink. Yes, I did get a very odd look from the waitresses, and actually my entire family but all is well, I was happy, no harm was done. (At least only to my liver). 

There were a lot of other MAJOR holiday highlights which I won’t share on here, solely because they were, ‘you had to be there’ kind of moments & if I post them y’all be like. Right Em, that’s hysterical, I will never get those moments it took me to read that paragraph back- sort of thing. 

So in a nutshell, a rather quick nutshell, that is what I was doing from my last post to Friday 19th July. Yes I am aware it is now the 27th! 

Since then….this has been my world…..


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