Yes this is what is on my mind today…not that it is Valentines Day on Friday, but that it is a FULL MOON… maybe I have my priorities wrong.

Either way, I was trying to find some insight on what this FULL SNOW MOON will bring this morning, but then I realised I needed to re read what this current moon cycle has brought up and taught me. So I re read this article
(If you haven’t read it already, take a look- it’s pretty amazing).

It’s been a bumpy month, with a lot of new things starting in my life, people who I really cheerish are present and I know where my heart belongs… I’ve also had to say goodbye to part of me of that is no longer which has been both hard but very liberating.
I feel like I have grown stronger, and lighter in the process of it all. So I am excited for the next cycle and what it will bring.

The key highlights for me were:
You were to look back and see if there was someone or something from your past. You may have left behind. You can include in your life.

See your challenges from a different perspective. See your challenges as opportunities for growth. They keep your life fresh and lively.

Power in relationships is the theme. Being honest, sincere and in your integrity. This is the best practice. This will keep you balanced. And, on track no matter how other people behave.

So what if we don’t fit into the crowd the ‘same mold’? It’s ok. You do fit in to the collective, you are a part of the whole while honoring your uniqueness. And you do have something wonderful to contribute.

Happy Tuesday you gorgeous people….


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