Because it’s valentines day…

What luck you have… 2 posts on one day…(maybe it will make up for one I missed on Wednesday).

Either way this song has been coming on a lot on my shuffle recently and it makes me think of only one person …it’s unlike me to share this side of my character (I’m normally very reserved), but I love this person and have done for almost 7 years- he of course doesn’t know this & I was going to build the courage up to tell him today but I’m still working up to it…I don’t want to be stupid, there are a lot of obstacles in our way – which is in fact why we aren’t together right now, but I miss him. My smile widens when I speak to him, hear from him…I am a pisces- a hopeless romantic…and I need to know how he sees his future. If I am not in it I need to get over him and move on, but if I don’t ask I’ll never know if there could have been an ‘us’ again…maybe the guy I am supposed to be is right around the corner. I trust my angels…I am hoping it will all work out either way and my heart won’t be too damaged in the process,

Enjoy Golden, xo


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