Tonight I miss my family…

Tonight I miss my family, the guy I love and company..this sounds oh so dramatic but it’s just the way it is….I set such goals for myself where I go to accomplish certain dreams and yet it all comes back to who I am with in the moment. I had dinner alone tonight & I felt like Mr Big in the New years eve scene in the 1st movie Sex and the city..where he is eating alone, drinking red wine. Yep that was me…I was reading a yoga book mind, just to prove you can be a yogi and still have fun! Ha!
I feel this year is already carving out what I actually want in life, yes I want my career to rocket and be super wealthy but above all I want my family to be healthy & happy and I want LOVE, the uncharacteristic kind, the kind that moves mountains and creates love songs…..I know I have that love, and I am not letting reality and ‘jobs’ get in the way. Tonight I just feel like I don’t.

after too many glasses of red. Em xo


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