Noticing your Fears…

I got home this morning & I felt so many emotions rushing through my body, and I just started crying!
I still can’t articulate where this emotion came from and why I feel like I do…theres a combination of a lot of things bubbling up inside me and I get I just needed to rinse them all out.
Either way, “winter, spring, summer, fall” popped into my head, and then I was singing “you’ve got a friend”…ha! Yes I hear you shout– nutter! 🙂 This is all legitimately true.
So I went to find the orginal to post with this blog but then I found this performance of it, which I had never seen until just now and so I decided to go with this. (Sorry if you don’t like it- actually I am not that sorry) ha! I like it! (I will sadly admit I was a huge Celine Dion fan when I was younger)

We all know it turned Spring yesterday which is supposed to bring up shadows so you can then step into the light…and a lot of my shadow is fear. Fear my company has to end, fear I don’t get to be with the guy I want to be with, Fear I don’t earn enough money to live the life I want & Fear of not being happy.
I was glad I could cry and let it all out and shake it off, because in reality I can’t control these things, all I can do is live the life I have, work hard, and be present in the now. I have the man on my dreams in my life right now, my company is going smoothly and I have a little while to work out how I can earn enough money to live the life I want. The happiness thing- well we all know that it is not permanent…so I just aim to be content now as best I can. My life, whatever direction it goes, will be ok & I am worthy for the life I have and made.

Ok a little deep for a Friday but I had to get it out there, just incase anyone else is going through a weird day today as well.

Peace & Love.


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