DAY 1, JUNE 1st

Update: Day 1 

Keeping it short and sweet 


Smoothie for Breakfast

Yoghurt & a Juice Crafters Cold pressed juice

Wrap with peanut butter for a snack with 3 dried figs

Rice tofu & Veggies for dinner


Yoga (75 mins) / walk home from office (30 mins)


Got home from work and just cried! I brought a cup of coffee and just sat and decompressed my day! I felt so emotional & anxious. Factors to be considered when addressing my mood- I had a somewhat stressful day in the office, I am on my period, and THE MOON!

Here’s a snippet of information from the Mystic Mama post about the Full Moon tonight (which makes so much sense):

“..high levels of nervous tension, mental irritability, vagueness, confusion which muddles clear action as well as possible back and forth with misunderstandings via communication and emotions….
t almost feels right now as if things on a mental level are in suspended animation, not really moving or going anywhere. This can be frustrating and exhausting. 
So cry the tears and clear the fears, most of all under the Full Moon in Sagittarius ‘have faith’ in the bigger or expanded reality and of your life design. There is something big happening in the backdrop spiritually that may not be seen yet, but things are moving and bubbling.
The nervous system may also feel a bit over-loaded now. The urge to escape, avoid, withdraw or not wanting to deal with certain things may feel strong now.
“Rather than over-indulging in substances such as alcohol, drugs or over-eating, feel into the emotions and support yourself through it. Be present with things as they may reveal insights to you.
“A healthy way to work with this energy is to allow for time away from pressures of figuring things out and simply be in stillness.”

Read more:


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